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I started this RecipeZZZ for Sleep podcast project because I could not sleep… 😴

I also couldn’t find a decent sleep app or podcast that would help lull me to sleep. So many of the voices were either distracting or off-putting or downright creepy.

So I decided to try using my soft, quiet voice that others have pointed out that they liked for various unknown reasons (at least to me) and try to read myself to sleep with a different kind of bedtime story by focusing on one of my favorite things: Food.

Think of it as a kind of white noise for the culinarily inclined. I chose cookbook recipes from publications in the public domain because I’m on a budget of zero… So if these recipes seem completely outdated, that’s the reason. They’re not meant to actually cook from.

But what I hope is that they sift out the detritus of the day and mix up a batter of calm that your mind can bake in its own warm oven and bring you a delicious serving of that ever-elusive sleep.

Sleep well, be well.

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